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Hernán Moreno-Hinojosa
Author of The Ghostly Rider and Other Chilling Tales

Hernán Moreno-Hinojosa is 55 years old and is from South Texas. He is a Metro Policeman living and working in Houston and patrols the freeways of the greater Metropolitan area.

In 1992 Hernán submitted a brief article on rabid coyotes to South Texas Sportsman. To his surprise it was published. Then, in 1994, the Sunday Magazine of the Houston Chronicle Newspaper purchased a Halloween story entitled Candelaria's Sorrow, a ghost story.

Candelaria's story, a tale told in the tradition of the Weeping Woman, (a famous apparition tale), turned out to be true. Hernán found Candelaria's final resting place exactly where the legends said it would be-not a hundred feet from where she drowned. It confirmed the story of a seventeen year old girl who refused to live in an arranged, loveless marriage of convenience. Hernán was curious about what other tales might be true. Working evenings and weekends, he prepared a collection of folk stories of the people of South Texas. He chose stories about apparitions, spook lights, improbable events, witches, and shape-changers.

He then attempted to interest major publishing companies in his project. But most don't accept submissions from unagented writers. So he searched for a small press. The path to his publisher is like many others: tangled, long and filled with encouragement. Several small presses expressed interest. One wrote to say they wanted to wait and see the repercussions of 9-11. Another rejected him but suggested he try university presses. Eventually, the University of Houston's Arte Publico Press signed the author.

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